U.S. chip firms expect gloomy economic outlook raised concerns

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U.S. chip firms expect gloomy economic outlook raised concerns

September 10 morning news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. chip maker Hp Pavilion zd8000 Series Battery National Semiconductor (National Semiconductor) and TI (Texas Instruments) Thursday announced its quarterly financial targets sparked concern about the economic outlook.

Market concerns raised

The two companies said, PC and other products that use microchips weak demand. National Semiconductor also said consumer spending fell short of expectations. National Semiconductor CEO Donald @ McLeod (Donald Macleod), said: "We all want to increase consumer spending, but I do not think so."

National Semiconductor said sales of the company's current quarter, up to chain down 5%. Although Texas Instruments has still maintained its revenue and profit expectations in the value of the same, but still can not please investors.

National Semiconductor mainly medical equipment, industrial power equipment and smart mobile phone chip, the company's share price in after-hours trading Thursday the NYSE has fallen 5.74%.

Prior to this, chip giant Intel has just released results in August Dell Inspiron 8000 Battery warning that due to lower than expected consumer PC demand, will limit the company's sales growth.

U.S. investment firm Charter Equity Research analyst Ed @ Schneider (Ed Snyder) said: "From Intel, National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments report can be seen: demand has peaked and began to decline."

As the U.S. unemployment rate remains high, investors have lost patience with the sluggish economic recovery, some people even began to worry about a new slide.

Weak demand for PC and TV

Texas Instruments expected revenues and profits despite the median analyst forecast remained unchanged, but some investors disappointed by its failure to raise expectations, leading the company's share price Thursday on the NYSE fell 1.4% after-hours trading.

Texas Instruments, head of investor relations Ron @ Sileimeike (Ron Slaymaker) that, in addition to PC and related weakness in demand for storage products, consumers will buy television seems to have decreased.

Sileimeike consumers will attribute this to lack of interest in 3D TV and the World Cup has led to the previous quarter surge in demand for television. He believes that the industry this quarter, Texas Instruments and wireless chip demand is still strong.

Despite the promising Texas Instruments smart phones, but McLeod has said that the economy will be weak National Semiconductor's smart cell phone camera flash chip sales growth has played a repressive role.

Schneider pointed out that Texas Instruments had more than quarter of Dell Inspiron 9400 battery all that difficult to meet the strong demand of users. He said: "In this environment, if you do not raise guidance forecasts, and other companies showing signs of softening, can not please investors."

National Semiconductor first quarter net profit of 89 million U.S. dollars, equivalent to earnings per share of 0.36 U.S. dollars higher than last year's 30 million U.S. dollars, 0.34 U.S. dollars higher than the average analyst forecast; 412 million U.S. dollars in revenue, slightly lower than the analysis Normal average estimate of 415 million U.S. dollars.

Texas Instruments guiding the current quarter earnings per share forecast value of 0.69 U.S. dollars, 3.7 billion revenue, with the average analyst expectations, with the company's guidance in July this year, forecast the same value.

Asked about the demand situation of the fourth quarter, Sileimeike refused to give a specific forecast, but said the school as students in September for the third quarter, sales of calculators, the TI in the fourth quarter earnings usually decline. But he also said the expansion of wireless services in India next year, the company will play a role in promoting the growth of.

The technology giant claimed that it has more than 1.5 billion U.S. dollars of cost to develop this new technology giant, which was designed to meet all kinds of enterprises dealing with huge amounts of data and business needs. One mobile phone banking and related services, for example, the number of users had up to 55 million last year, is expected to soar by 2015 to 894 million, IBM cited the Swedish market data research firm Berg Insight said.

IBM claimed that the new microprocessor system called zEnterprise 196, with the world's fastest 96 chips per second can perform more than 50 billion instructions - its speed is the company developed in 1970 years 17,000 times the high-end systems. zEnterprise 196's power consumption and generation systems System z10 comparable power consumption, but its capacity than the previous generation capacity of the system than 60%. It is also equipped with a new software, the software in Java with data-intensive work can improve efficiency 60%.

As early as March this year, IBM Corporation has announced that the purpose of the technical improvements to light pulses instead of copper wires to exchange information between chips and other silicon materials instead of expensive materials to create the required components.

This new microprocessor system, also contains a known avalanche HP pavilion zv5000 battery photodetectors (Avalanche Photodetector) of key components, can convert light energy into electrical energy. According to researchers at IBM, said this avalanche photodiode is made of silicon and germanium materials for; in similar products, it's the fastest, and the minimum power consumption.

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U.S. chip firms expect gloomy economic outlook raised concerns

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